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Mobile Security Antivirus for all Android devices !

Security & Antivirus Premier
Mobile phone and tablet security and antivirus.
The most advanced antivirus, Internet security & identity protection for Android™ smartphones & tablets. Complete mobile security with App Inspector, remote data wipe, lost device mapping, virus shield, SIM card lock, network monitor & more.

Key Features :

Automatically scans your apps and files for viruses, spyware, Trojans Antivirus security shields block malware before it has a chance to install Alerts you when your device and settings are vulnerable to attack
Automatically scans web links and URLs to block phishing and other harmful content LOST DEVICE PROTECTION:
Remote Access – Use your Mobile Security Website ( or another mobile device to remotely lock, wipe, or locate your device Device Lock – Remotely locks your device if it ’s lost or stolen Device Wipe – Remotely wipes your contacts, text messages, other personal information Device Scream – Sounds an alert to help you locate your device nearby Device Locate – See your device ’s location on a map SIM Card Lock – Automatically locks device when your SIM card is removed CALL/SMS BLOCKING:
Spam blocking – Blocks text spam and unwanted calls Virus blocking – Automatically blocks messages containing malicious URLs APP INSPECTOR:
Scans all apps and identifies those that can: Access to your Email/SMS messages Cost you money Access sensitive information Track your location Drain your battery Battery Monitor provides battery status and power usage by apps Network Monitor provides details of apps that are accessing the network FOOTPRINT:
Runs quietly in the background Light on device memory and battery utilization Checks for security updates automatically to ensure latest antivirus and security protection 3G/4G data connection or wifi required for some features What’s in this version: (Updated : 13 May 2016)
– Various bug fixes.Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Screenshots :

Security - Premier - screenshot
Security - Premier - screenshot
Security - Premier - screenshot
Security - Premier - screenshot
Security - Premier - screenshot
Security - Premier - screenshot

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